VPS - Virtual Private Servers

Using a virtual private server, or cheap VPS hosting service, is one of the most popular forms of web hosting today, this is because cheap VPS hosting gives you a number of benefits, including some benefits of both a shared web host and a private host. In fact, VPS hosting is often seen as featuring the best of both of these types of hosting. VPS servers host multiple websites on the same server in the same way that shared web hosting does, but instead of all of these sites being stored on the same partition, each website gets its own partition.

Basically, each VPS partition acts like its own server. When the physical server boots up, each of the virtual servers does, too. Because it is in its own partition, this virtual server is treated more like a separate computer than as a part of the server. What this means is that instead of sharing the same operating system and other resources, each partitioned website can run a different operating system, be rebooted individually, and can be configured differently. By hosting your website on a VPS server, you can configure it just about any way you like without affecting any of the other sites. However, the downside to this is that your virtual server can't actually access the physical server's hardware directly. Instead, it has to request permission to use resources. This adds a bit of a delay at times because only one virtual server can use a resource at a time, so the resources must be shared.

However, there is another advantage to sharing a server and resources. Just like with shared web hosting, the cost of maintaining and updating the server is split between all of the clients who have a website on that server. This means hosting on a VPS server is generally inexpensive. It generally isn't quite as cheap as true shared web hosting, but it's much, much cheaper than using a true private server that only hosts your website. It's all the flexibility of a private server without any of the cost. While there is still a size limit, most VPS hosts provide more than enough storage space on each partition to handle good-sized business websites.

Do you need a cheap VPS host for your business website? That depends. If you are going to set up a website that doesn't change very often and doesn't really need any special programs or features, than you may not need the flexibility that VPS hosting has. However, if you've got a website that's dynamic and uses different databases and other features that many standard websites don't use, you may find that a VPS host is perfect for your website needs.

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